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Why join Ally Health?


About us

Ally Health is simplifying access to clinical care in communities, introducing transparency and efficiency through patient-led booking and task optimisation software.

We are a team of purpose driven challengers, we want to shake things up and redefine access to health as we know it. Never thought you could help save lives? Think again!

With Ally Health, you can help give people access to community care in a timely fashion and contribute to dealing with health system backlogs. And if saving lives is not enough to motivate you, maybe the thought that you can join us at a critical point in our journey to help shape our future products will do it for you.

Equal Opportunity Statement (EOS)

At Ally Health, we celebrate diversity and are promoting an inclusive environment in which our team members from all different backgrounds, ages, genders or sexual orientations feel equally appreciated. In order to achieve this, we are committed to shaping a hiring process that provides everyone with an equal opportunity to get hired.